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Michigan Monster Dash

Course Maps

2022 Start and Finish Line Location Change:

We have ALWAYS wanted to have our start and finish line at Maple Beach, right next to both the lake and the parking lot. 

We’re happy to report that for 2022 and beyond, we’ve been given the green light to move down to the beach! In addition to a much more beautiful location, this will also take away the giant hill leading up to the finish line. Based on the new starting point, we’ve re-drawn all the courses. 

We think you are going to love them!

Downhill & Flat Finish:

ALL of the courses now sport a downhill followed by a flat stretch leading up to the finish. No more hill leading UP to the finish line.

Half Marathon:

Instead of a loop (that goes around the playfield twice) the half marathon is now an out-and-back. This completely avoids the giant hills up to and down from the playfield.

5k and 10k:

By starting at Maple Beach, even more of the course will be along the shoreline of the lake. And, of course, no more giant hill just before the finish line!


One of the suggestions we heard was that the locations of (open) bathrooms were not well marked or communicated, and were too far from the start/finish line. Point heard! The good news is that there are plenty of bathrooms right at Maple Beach.

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